Bad Credit Loans In Texas

A FICO score of 669 and below can affect the amount, or if at all, you can get a  loan from conventional lenders. Unfortunately, you might be in a fix and require an emergency loan; that’s where we come in. Easycashtexas connects you to lenders who offer bad credit credit loans in Texas within the shortest time possible, and we don’t limit what you can do with the money. Our emergency loans will also help you build or repair your credit history.

Texas Bad Credit Loans

Your bad credit score shouldn’t hinder you from getting a loan. We designed online payday loans in Texas for bad credit to serve you where conventional lenders can’t. Whether you need a car loan or money to settle a bill, we are at your service, and applying for it is all you have to do.

What are Loans For Bad Credit Texas?

As per a source, these are short-term financial fixes if you urgently need money but have a bad credit score or a higher debt-to-income ratio. The easiest ones you can get are payday loans and personal installment loans. Depending on the lender’s terms, these loans can either be secured, joint, or co-signed. You can also get personal, car or student loans.

How Loans For Bad Credit Work?

You get the loans for bad credit in Texas after we check your prequalification and confirm your ability to pay. We will review your past credit performance depending on availability, employment, income history, and address. In addition, we also check if you are a US citizen of 18 years and above before offering final approval. We then forward your details to third-party lenders who will contact you to offer you loans.

Bad Credit Loans Texas

The process is straightforward, and you get the money in your active bank account within a short time. However, you must read and understand the terms and conditions before applying for the loan. Furthermore, you have to make the monthly payments on time. Should you face any challenge in your application, you can contact us for help.

Why Consider Easy Cash Texas To Apply For Bad Credit Loans In Texas?

The Amount You Can Borrow

You can borrow between $200 to $3500 without a hard credit check. We offer these loans on secured and unsecured terms depending on your ability to pay. The amount will depend on other factors like the outstanding debts you owe, whether you recently applied for loans, or whether you have collateral like in Texas home loans for bad credit. Note that having a cosigner also affects the amount of the loan since we can reach your partner for payments should you fail.

The Flexibility of Payment Terms

Our bad credit installment loans in Texas come with flexible payment terms. We give you up to twelve months, but you can choose other options depending on your ability to pay. When choosing the installments, ensure that you will have a stable source of income during that period. 

Suppose you lose the source, promptly apply for Texas Unemployment benefits, so you don’t fall behind on payments. Note that defaulting can further damage your credit score and lead to lower amounts with higher interest rates in the future.


We will give you cash back rewards for timely payments. The rewards range from $10 to $50 for every $1000 borrowed and paid on time. We deposit this amount in your reward account, and you can put it as your retirement savings. Note that you only qualify if you don’t miss a single payment schedule.

How Do Bad Credit Loans Texas Operate?

 The loan application process is quite swift, paperless and trustworthy for Bad Credit Loans Texas. Easy Cash Texas will forward your application form to the reputable and best online lenders for further assessment. 

Henceforth, if the application form satisfies the loan perquisites, then we’ll offer you the requested loan amount. If you agree, the loan will be approved, and the funds will be transferred on the next business day. Get In touch with us for any queries related to your bad credit loans Texas.

Terms and Conditions for Bad Credit Loans Texas

Loans for bad credit in Texas come with terms and conditions. For starters, we aren’t a lending company, and we, therefore, don’t guarantee that you will get a loan. Our Texas lenders are licensed by the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC), meaning they are safe to borrow from. However, you need to meet the qualifications and provide all the relevant documents such as proof of employment or source of income and address. Here are some of our terms and conditions:

Fees: We are a credit organization or a credit access business that helps you to access loans and thus charges a CSO fee. This amount enables us to continue offering these services. The fee will depend on the amount you receive from a lender and the amount of repayment you agree on. Note that you won’t pay this fee upfront and not in a lump sum.

Late payment fees: You will pay a late fee if you miss a payment. The amount will depend on the type of loan you borrowed if secured or not, and the amount. In Texas, the state regulates the amount you will pay for late fees and caps it at 5% to 15% of the payment you were supposed to make.

APR: The annual percentage rate for our bad credit loans in Texas starts at 4.49%. The OCCC sets the APR and adjusts it according to the Consumer Price Index. It’s also imperative to note that this rate differs depending on the lenders on our platform. Therefore, it will be best if you go through the terms and conditions set by the lender to ascertain the rates.

Interest rate: The Texas constitution prohibits lenders from charging above 10% unless authorized. So, our lenders charge a maximum of 10%, but you can get a lower rate if you choose a shorter payment period. It will be best to check the lender’s interest rates before agreeing to the loan offer.

Return policy: Should there be any returns, you will pay a $30 return item fee. We use this amount to process the return to our lenders. Note that the amount may also vary depending on the amount you are returning.

Privacy: We store your private information to process the loans. To that end, we share it with the lenders, who can then reach out to offer you the loans. In addition, we might use your information for marketing purposes. However, note that we safeguard this information as per our privacy policy; hence, we can’t fall into the wrong hands.