Easy Cash Texas – Privacy Policy

The website https://easycashtexas.com (which will be mentioned as we/us/ours/our/website and site) is a lending platform headquartered at 155W 13th St., Fort Worth, TX76102. The site is an online lending platform that addresses users who want to access financial services. We respect the user’s (which will be further mentioned as you/your/yours/user/users) privacy, and we are committed to protecting it. 

Hence, this privacy policy declares how your information is collected, saved, used, and disclosed on the website. This privacy policy is a formal report aiming to secure users’ data, ensuring transparent and safeguarded operation. 


This document can be referred to as an electronic record or a type of electronic contract which is designed by adhering to the guidelines of the USA Data Privacy Laws and its rules has been set up there under. This document doesn’t require the user’s electronic, digital, or physical signature, and it works as a legally obligatory document between EasyCashTexas and its users. 

The conditions of this privacy policy will come into effect when the user accepts them by checking the “I Accept” checkbox on https://easycashtexas.com. This e-contract will regulate the association of the user and the company. By accepting the terms, you agree to authorize us to connect to you as and when required. We may collect the necessary information directly or via third parties to facilitate you with the services you are looking for. 

Information That We Gather

The information users may require to share with us may include non-personally and personally identifiable data (PII). By filling up our online registration form, you allow us to access your PII. This document’s provision regulates how your PII is collected, saved, used, and/or disclosed. We need access to your PII to provide you with suitable services. If you are not willing to share your PII, you can avoid using our services. 

The details that you may need to put in as PII may include but may not be limited to your full name, gender, date of birth, Social Security Number, active email address and phone number, residential and work address, banking, and employment information, business financials, the intent of loan, details of individual and family income, etc. We may use your PII for the verification of your identity. Your PII enables us to provide you with rational recommendations for products and services. We may also need to pass your PII to third-party service providers or affiliates to help you access their offers. 

However, we strictly follow the laws and regulations while passing the information. We never disclose your PII to external organizations without your consent. While sharing data with any regulatory agency, we maintain appropriate authority, ensuring the security of your sensitive information. The company shall protect your sensitive personal information from unauthorized access by employing stringent security systems. 

We use your SSN and/or banking information only to find out services that match your request or interest. We never share this data with third parties unless the requirement/order of the authorized parties. Apart from the PII, we also ask for your non-personally identifiable information, including geolocation, date and time, IP address, browser details, behavioral data, etc. Our website may or may not collect this information from you directly. We may send these data to our associates and third parties with whom we are contracted unless you hide your NPII or ask us to stop using your NPII.

Automatic Collection of Information

There are several NPII, which we may collect when you visit our website or use our services. We do this using analytic web services. This information includes geolocation, IP, etc. The IP or Internet Protocol address is often used for deriving the city or country information from where you are operating, and the geolocation also detects the same. In addition, this information helps us monitor specific actions you take while accessing our website. These actions include your web page and social media account visits. 

Collection of Information from Other Sources

Our website allows you to sign up/log in with your Google and social media accounts. When you sign up using them, they may ask you to permit access to specific information from your social media accounts. This information may include your email address, full name, etc. The information helps us verify your location, gender, identity, work history, etc. They allow us to develop an understanding of your interest. 

This information is gathered by the social media platform you are using for signing up, and it’s passed over to us following the dedicated platform’s privacy policy. To regulate or restrict the disclosure of such information, you can visit your social media account and change the privacy settings. 

Accessing Financial Information

We keep track of the financial information you submit when registering for our services. This observation aims to identify your active bank accounts and determine the cash flow patterns and the volume of transactions you initiate. This is essential for assessing credit risk and conducting precise credit analysis. The proper evaluation allows us to help you with the best financial facilities from our recognized and authorized financial entities. 

Accessing Gmail

We access your Gmail account for fetching your bank statements and determining your eligibility or loan. However, we don’t read/access/open any other data. We may extract and store your bank statement records till the time we find them urgent and essential for loan eligibility assessment and loan value determination. However, we take these actions by adhering to the regulations of the dedicated governing body. 

Why Do We Need Your PII?

We require your PII to verify some information, and this information may also help verify your input while tallying them with the databases. Moreover, our partner lenders may need to conduct a detailed credit verification or request a credit report from the credit organizations, and they may need to use your PII for this purpose. 

This aids in determining your reliability and in assessing the risk related to different credit products. Sometimes, the request for credit reports may bring down your credit score. However, when you use our website and hand over your sensitive information by filling up the online form provided on our official website, we use your information with your consent. 

This creates an express agreement between the user and the website, which permits verification and credit check. We carry out the entire process in compliance with the regulatory guidelines issued by the governing authorities.  

Third-Party Service Provider Disclosure

We work with several third-party service providers and online partners who assist us in providing, improving, and maintaining our website and services. Nevertheless, under no circumstances do we proceed to monetize your sensitive personal information to third parties. We employ the best security and encryption for keeping your data confidential. However, there are some exceptions which include the following:

  • A person/organization to whom EasyCashTexas is under a binding for disclosing the requirements legally.  
  • A proposed/current assignee of EasyCashTexas or sub-participant/ transferee/ participant of the rights of Flexi loans in respect of the user.
  • An individual serving the duty of confidentiality to EasyCashTexas or a company/ affiliate who has agreed to keep the sensitive consumer information of EasyCashTexas confidential.
  • Debt collection or credit reference agencies for the cases of long-term default.
  • To statutory/government bodies that hold the authorization to access the information for legal purposes. 
  • Fraud prevention and credit reference agencies.  

Safeguarding Information

EasyCashTexas.com processes and stores your sensitive data using reliable cloud services. We employ updated technical, physical, and administrative security measures to prevent data breaches, ensuring reduced chances of disclosure, loss, misuse, alteration, and unauthorized access. Our safeguarding technologies include SSL, firewalls, data encryption, and data access authorization controls. 

Nevertheless, we expect you to agree with the fact that online data transmission can never be 100% secure. Hence, while we try to keep your data safe, you transfer your data to us at your own risk. We are not liable for any information disclosure that occurs because of transmission errors, unauthorized third-party access to our databases, or omissions beyond our control. You should not hold us responsible for a security breach in such scenarios. 

Cookie Policies

Cookies are the small bits of information your web browser saves automatically. Cookies allow our web servers to identify your device whenever you visit our website. With the help of cookies, we can keep track of the data and time of your visits, your page view history, and the websites that you have visited right before and after heading to our website. 

In addition, through cookies, we can verify your password information and registration, making things more convenient for you as you don’t need to feed in your details multiple times while navigating through our website. We gather this information on an aggregate basis, and they don’t associate with you as an individual. We may also use different technologies to monitor your interaction with our website. Besides, we can also engage third-party agencies to use your data on our behalf. You can choose to disable cookies by changing your browser settings. However, it may affect a few services of the site.

*The users of this website hold the right or modify or rescind the personal information shared on the website. To change such information, you can drop an email to info@easycashtexas.com